Why Sebastian and Mia?

…It was the first movie to make me ball my eyes out. It was a carefully crafted love, between two people. A love that seemed so real. A love you could just be a part of even though it’s in the other side of your LCD screen.

See though, I remember this movie particularly because it made me feel such emotions. To the point that i went on to realize, what’s missing in my life. Why can’t I create such connections? What is missing?

On one of my many failed tinder dates, this girl told me about the trend of knowledge about emotional intelligence. “It will change your life” she told me. I’m repulsed by claims that a book, product or medium that will change my life. How do you know my life needs a change. I’m feeling fine. Just fine. However she proceeded to tell me that in her professional, it had helped her influence difficult people. And in case you’re wondering there was no second date…



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