Thanks for joining me! This is a blog about my history of always wondering why I’d meet so many people but still end up alone. I discuss emotional intelligence and my experience and insight with therapy, medication and the struggle to transform my life.

The Path is the category of personal stories and journal and Emotional Ignorance is for insights and research of how emotions affect communication and social life.

I’m a college grad in my mid twenties from Massachusetts, who has suffered from complex issues of social impediments  throughout my life. That developed into social anxiety, depression and hours of maladaptive daydreaming. However I recently decided to turn my life around and have been going through an almost 3 year successful journey of improvement.

Therapy and medication don’t just cut it thought. I found the will to live and that’s by trying to find why. Why did all those years go wasted. Stay tuned as I share my stories, findings or great reads and articles that help build a picture.