Emotional ignorance

Don’t stress it

If being emotionally unintelligent has any meaning at all, it just means working towards better communication emotions between peers. It doesn’t mean you have bad intentions, are evil or have no place in the world. In the past I’ve struggled realizing that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, despite my situation and inability to socialize. Different people live different lives that throw different influences at them.

I attempted to explain this on my blog post about vectors. Different forces that influence people in different ways cause us to feel, act and behave a certain way. But it doesn’t mean that we’re evil bad, or that nobody wants us. Some of us are perfectly fine not being social and building a life with little to no social interaction. Don’t buy into the campaigns that tend to justify the human nature and tell people the way they’re supposed to be. People indeed are scared of the unknown, but people today are scared of everything and everyone.

I started this journey because it was my choice. However I also feared other people’s judgement if I ended up alone. I kinda felt as if they would break my windows and chase me away with torches. But I’m in a better place of course and not necessarily because I have a flourished social life. But because I understand myself better and what i want and what I need. Sometimes I really don’t want and either need any people.