Emotional ignorance

Just not fitting in


Not fitting in isn’t a sign of not being being accepted. Not fitting in isn’t a sign of being different or someone who’s out of the norm. We know of instances of people being different and getting bullied for it, but you also know that one guy who’s different and is very popular. Kids that are different in high school could actually be put into two categories: cool and weird. They could be Eric Harris or the could be Christopher Mintz Plasse as McLovin.

Dropping a serial murderers name just to make a point may seem petty and of bitter taste. However Eric Harris wasn’t just different. He had a complete lack of empathetic emotions and his communication with others consisted of vandalizing others’ cars, making death threats and displaying fascination with ‘natural selection’ as doctor Peter Langman studied ’ McLovin was just a fictional character born out of Evan Goldgberg and Seth Rogan’s fantasy. I know it’s a not a realistic comparison, but the character of McLovin is painted to be one of the most socially appalling characters in a modern high school. However he becomes one of the most courageous heroes in the movie; a badass.

It’s all in communication signals others perceive and not necessarily the ones you want to portray. Although my examples are polar opposites, it’s to illustrate that not all weird is the same kind of weird. Not all strange is the same kind of strange. Not fitting in is totally cool and so is not wanting to fit in. But honest communication of the way you feel and the way you want to express yourself, is something that you owe yourself the effort to do.