Emotional ignorance

The “resting bitch face” effect.

The issue of the “resting bitch face” can be easily explained through emotional intelligence. Although we might not necessarily have it, we’ve seen many people that have a resting expression that isn’t quite welcoming. Facial expression displays emotion. Facial expression also displays lack of emotion. Growing up I didn’t think much of it; didn’t think much of my facial expression either. However other people with a better social and emotional intelligence understand and can read emotions better.

Some people are just born with muscular disorders that don’t allow for a large range of motion of the face muscles.Some of those can be attributed to Duchene’s Mascular Dystrophy  , a genetic disorder that explains the neurological anomalies of muscular movement. Others can be attributed to psychiatric disorders. However what matters the most is that they are a strong means of communications. They communicate emotion and that’s crucial. Like I’ve noted before emotions are a feedback mechanism, but not just for ourselves. Emotions serve as feedback mechanisms for perceiving other people’s emotions. That’s how we defend ourselves from strangers risks. That’s also how we fram ourselves in society and the community we are a part of .

Emotional communication says a lot more than words. Although I never cared about my expression, other people did. It’s one of the answers as to why I end up alone with no fault of my own. Maybe I don’t express enough affection for others to spend time of me; and that’s even more prevalent in cases, when I actually want to be with someone.



Julia T. Wood, Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters,

Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy




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