Emotional ignorance

Dreading the weekend

It’s not new to me to have no plans for the weekend, but sometimes I do dread it. I dread the fact that I’m gonna punish myself for not doing what everybody else does. Why am i not getting wasted? Why am I not getting drunk? Why am i not the guy out there partying? Why, why, why… I realize now it’s all just vanity and self pressure. p-bon-accord-real-ale-and-whiskey-pub-north-street-glsgow-scotland-sep-2013-289686512587-29_54_990x660No one does as much as they say they do. There are a lot more issues behind the people that fill the bars. There a lot of issues behind my persona as well. So it’s not a problem. I don’t dread it anymore, because it’s usually self embarrassment and punishment for not doing something else.

Tonight I might just sit inside and write. Share memories and thoughts with my readers on my blog and maybe read myself as well. I come to find out that when I do what I’m comfortable with at the moment makes me feel better about myself and more confident in my emotions. The first step to developing emotional intelligence is to not fault yourself for your emotions. It just adds to the loneliness.

I’m sure everyone have one activity they’d rather do on the weekend. Share that and don’t think why you’re not doing what everyone else is.


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