Emotional ignorance

You wanna be alone? That’s OK

I’m writing on this blog about my experience of not wanting to be alone and simultaneously being alone. I’m sure there are many people out there that just want to be alone. And that’s fine as long you realize that’s the actual truth. My biggest problem asking myself questions, was whether or not I was lying to myself. Maybe the idea of being social it’s just peer pressure; so the society doesn’t turn against me.

My worst anxiety was that society will profile me as a crazy loner and wait on me to become the next Tim McVeigh. Something had to be done. But as I am getting my emotions under comfortable control I still ask myself if I wanna be alone. I ask myself if my quest to a more developed social life is my true calling or I’m just hurting and medicating myself just to fit in.
I don’t have the answer yet. Maybe the readers of this blog don’t either. However I can’t stress the importance of not judging your emotions and desires. When you wanna be alone; it’s ok to be left alone. Emotions should be let to naturally evolve. It’s perfectly OK. Even if you don’t wanna be alone forever, but you’d rather be alone now; let it be .


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