Emotional ignorance

Alone on Valentine’s day?

…yeah me too. Singles day it is. I still buy the chocolate of course and share it with myself. However I don’t feel bad. I’m OK distancing myself from yet another commercial holiday. Now that sounds like a mask of loneliness and anger, but it isn’t. Love isn’t something you can buy and celebrate.

It’s something to feel. I’ve actually never felt the romantic movie like love, but I know I’ve felt it. I know it’s out there for me year round, I just need to open my arms to embrace it. Emotional connection is opening up and vulnerability is the new strength. The romcom characters have just as many- issues if not more- than us.

What’s important first of all is love of self. In other posts in my blog I talk about knowing self. Loving yourself is just as important. Just like you’ll never get to know yourself good enough, you can never love yourself enough either. This level of accepting emotions leads to connecting to other in a similar way. That’s why a fulfilling Valentine’s day is in the future.



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