The path

Losing friends like paperclips.

Losing friends is what made me ask why. Losing friends is what made me be inspired to read and write about the topic of emotional intelligence and my struggles. In the past 2 years I’ve traveled, been in a short relationship, met a lot of girls and countless potential friends. This past new Years eve I found myself alone going to bed before midnight after browsing Reddit.

Although therapy and medication have successfully made me have a better control of my emotions, mood and motivation, I still struggle to form relationships.

I traveled the country met a lot of people, had the best two years of my life, but it all vanished except for the instagram uploads. That was something that even with great therapy, I was struggling to find the answer.When I was child I remember in blurr that i was a menace and had difficulties connecting with kids. I would actually offend them and push them away from me. I was better off alone. Then I got bullied obviously until the later years of my adolescence. It was that time that I quit trying. I remember considering myself a hermit and that I would die of a cocaine overdose and a bunch of hookers. Didn’t see myself with kids, or a girlfriend unless it was a wild daydream I would have during a class in college.

But even now that my  situation got better , I still need to learn the skills of interacting and creating close friendships and other relationships. Even my family ties have gotten weaker.


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