Emotional ignorance

Recognizing emotions; You’re doing it wrong

The theory of emotional intelligence circumvents around the idea of emotional engagement with our peers. So when parents and peers tell us to regard other people’s emotions, maybe we weren’t paying attention. Emotions can be mere feedback, but us humans rely on them mostly. We are cognisant of our emotions. Especially introverts, such as myself we regard our emotions more than anything. Sometimes we let them rule our lives, even though we’re trying to get rid of excessive thinking. But for some of us is very hard to consider someone else’s perspective

Just not hurting someone isn’t enough for an emotional connection. Almost all human connections are based on emotional connection. So it’s not enough to just respect and be wary of hurting people. We have to connect with them as well. Perspective is crucial. We really need to listen, when someone is telling us about their day and follow up. We might not care about Bob’s summer vacation, but to Bob it means everything.

I am a very straight forward professional.  I have a laser focus and work with numbers a lot. I don’t like to waste time and get straight to the point. However my mistake is to expect everyone to be on the same page with me, same pace and and same level at all times. My boss used to tell me: “When you get to the finish line first, it won’t matter unless you have the team there with you to recognize your victory”. In other words, unless we want to work alone as robots or make no significant connections in our lives, we need to start changes. I’m writing this because I myself have failed countless times. I’ve met thousands of people, but haven’t made one friend. But there’s a path…tenor


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