Emotional ignorance

Vectors and forces.

I didn’t pay any attention in physics class. But I do remember vectors and their equations. Vectors were those lines that represented a force. It had a direction and a length to represent the magnitude and direction of the force. All vectors could be added or subtracted to create a new force that

was the result of the impact. Based on the multiple vectors and forces,  a new vector was created. It had a unique direction and value


Every person is a unique vector with a unique value and power. A vector that has its own direction and strength. We are the result of the multiple influence forces that are present in our lives. The vectors of friendships, parents, family and so forth. However in the end we end up with a brand new direction and perspective for ourselves. A driving force a combination of values and beliefs that guide our every action. The ones that are hit the most by outside forces become the strongest of the new vectors, with unparalleled power. That’s us.


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